Acclimatise Associates

Simon Croxton

Simon is an international development specialist and is an Acclimatise Associate.

Simon Croxton has over 25 years of experience of work on development issues.  He is currently based in South Africa and is Director of Acutora, a consultancy firm that focuses on providing  technical and policy support, and strategic project advice on climate change adaptation, natural resources, transboundary water governance, rural development, and small-scale agriculture.

He has worked for NGOs, a think tank (IIED) and as an adviser for donor agencies  (DFID and the World Bank). During his career he has lived and worked in east and southern Africa, central, south and south-east Asia, and Latin America.

Recent work that Simon has been involved in includes:

  • Leading a study for Mozambique’s Ministry of Planning and Development,  that identified technical options, linked investments and relevant changes to policy to support these, that can build the resilience of small producers in the most drought prone areas of Mozambique.  This assignment was a component of Mozambique’s PPCR (Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience);
  • Leading the climate change component of the RESILIM project (Building Resilience in the Limpopo basin) which includes mapping climate risk and vulnerability, building a robust knowledge base of adaptation options, validating these options with stakeholders, and identifying ‘adaptation projects of scale’ that can be implemented in the Limpopo basin;
  • Designing the environmental land management and rural livelihoods component of the Tajikistan PPCR including the initial, pre-design scoping studies and validating these with key national stakeholders. The final  design includes a significant grant element for NGOs and Community groups.