Acclimatise Associates

Piero Pelizzaro

Piero is an Acclimatise Associate. He is a resilience specialist and is Co-Founder of Climalia.

Piero has 8 years’ experience in climate change policy and adaptation planning. He is Co-Founder of Climalia, a specialised consulting company providing climate services in Italy, where he operates as a Resilience Specialist.

Currently he supports the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea in delivering training activities on urban adaptation to climate change. He is member of the Milan Municipality Working Group that is in charge of developing the city’s Urban Resilience Strategy. He is also member of the Local Authorities for Kyoto Working Group at Kyoto Club Non Profit.

He has extensive expertise in projects financed by the European Commission including; the LIFE+ project, BlueAP Bologna, Local Urban Environment Adaptation Plan for a Resilient City (Senior Expert), LIFE+ RECOIL Recovered waste cooking oil for combined heat and power production (Technical Director), MED ZeroCO2 Small communities for a big change. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the EU FP7 Ramses Project that aims to structure a cost-benefit analysis methodology for urban adaptation plans.

He further specialises in energy scenario and climate change impact models through his work at the Stockholm Environment Institute – Tallinn Office. Prior to this he collaborated with EU MP, Umberto Guidoni.

Piero also writes for various specialised magazines and web-portals on climate change issues.