Acclimatise Team

Nadine Coudel

Nadine is a Senior Risk Advisor – Legal Services

Nadine leads our work on issues related to climate change and law and combines her legal expertise with over 10 years’ experience in climate change adaptation. She focuses on how legal services across practice areas can take account of the physical risks and opportunities associated with climate change and how the evolving legislation, liability and regulation landscape may impact on the business and financial services sectors.

Nadine is also passionate about improving individuals’ and organisations’ capacities to better tackle complex challenges and inspire lasting change. She leads our work on learning services and organisational development. Nadine has leveraged her experience in adult learning, climate risk management, adaptation planning and policy, and climate finance for advisory projects aiming explicitly or significantly to enhance learning.

Nadine holds a Diploma in Business Law and Environmental Law (equivalent to Masters degree) and a Master of Peace and Security Studies with a focus on climate change. A German national, Nadine is bilingual in German and English.



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