Acclimatise Associates

Leonardo Massai

Leonardo Massai is an Acclimatise associate. He is a climate change law and policy specialist and a Co-Founder of Climalia.

Leonardo is Co-Founder of Climalia, a specialised private consulting company providing climate services in Italy, where he operates as a climate change law and policy specialist. He is experienced in providing training, assistance, advisory services, capacity building, research and teaching on international, regional and national climate change law and policy.

In his current role, he provides direct counsel – mainly to developing countries – on international environmental law, climate change, clean energy, forestry, climate compatible development plans, and multilateral negotiations. He also has experience consulting to both private and public entities on these topics.

Leonardo holds a Ph.D. in Climate Change Law and is also associated with academic institutions where he regularly lectures in EU Law, International and EU Environmental Law, Climate Change Law and Human Rights and Environment. He has a strong record of publishing articles in peer reviewed journals and is currently editor of several journals and portals on the subject.

Leonardo contributes to the services provided by Acclimatise, in particular by:

1) monitoring, anticipating and evaluating international developments on climate change mitigation and adaptation;

2) providing strategic advice and legal training to the public and private sector to comply with international, EU and national legislation; and

3) reviewing, amending and drafting legislation on the climate adaptation issues.