Acclimatise Associates

Anandita Bishnoi

Anandita is a Graphic Design Consultant based in New Delhi and an Acclimatise Associate.

With a decade of experience in the Graphic Design Industry in Delhi, Anandita has spent the last 5 years working with think tanks and development agencies during which she has engaged with current and relevant global issues like health, poverty, environment and climate change among others.

Her role as a graphic designer has been to visually represent complex information and data in a simple and clear manner, while placing content in a better context to make information comprehensible. While demonstrating how good design aids effective communication of important information and ideas, Anandita has worked persistently to influence peoples thinking and behavior towards these important issues through design.

Presently, she is also consulting with UNDP, UNICEF and Oxfam.

Anandita holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Art from Delhi University.