Lessons from the Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme in South Asia

Climate proofing growth and development

The ACT programme is helping mainstream climate change resilience measures within budgetary planning and policy-making across South Asia. One of the most populated regions in the world, South Asia is also home to some of the world’s poorest communities – those likely to be hardest hit by the impacts of a changing climate. The programme aims to improve resilience by directly incorporating climate change considerations into policy, planning and investment environments within five countries in the region: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan, as well as six states in India.

OPM is working with national and regional partners, providing support across the policy cycle from research and capacity building to monitoring and evaluation. Adopting an applied political economy approach, the team works to identify and leverage opportunities for reform, focusing on interventions that can be adapted to national contexts whilst being scalable across the region as a whole.

Visit the ACT website: www.actiononclimate.today