Earth Observation & Space Data

Recognising the value of Earth observation & space data

Acclimatise understands how valuable Earth observation & space data can be, and that making that value known can be challenging. In order to monitor the climate and uncover changing patterns, climate data is of utmost importance. Of the 50 GCOS essential climate variables, roughly half can only be observed from space, making EO an irreplaceable component of climate monitoring. These data are also crucial in regions where insufficient information is available from weather stations, or where on-the-ground assessments of infrastructure are not possible due to safety concerns. Given the cross-cutting nature of climate resilience, the Earth observation & space data needs in this domain are manifold and can range from monitoring forests and urban growth, to data about sea level rise and river discharge, and the state of roads and other critical infrastrucuture.

Working with us

Acclimatise has the expertise to help clients understand their Earth observation & space data needs, and how to add value to the data. Having worked on both sides of the spectrum, we provide a bridge between providers of Earth observation & space data and the users. We  provide guidance regarding the types of data our clients need and the additional information that will help them use the data to ensure climate resilient decision making. Earth observation & space data is a crucial component for resilience building and we can help unlock that potential.

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Showcase: Exploring the value of data for NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information

Acclimatise was commissioned by NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) to demonstrate the value of its climate data to the end user. Through a series of reports accompanied by videos and infographics, we were able to show how people in different sectors were using NCEI’s data in their day-to-day work to help their businesses operate more efficiently, safely, environmentally, and economically bolstering their bottom lines and making the most of their enterprise.

Find all the reports on NCEI’s website.

Jason-3 satellite. Image by NOAA.