Tailor-made applications

Acclimatise recognises that interpreting the world of climate change science can be daunting, and that climate-related information needs can look very different depending on the client. With this in mind, we develop our applications by bringing together the right consultancy, climate science and software development skills for the job, while remaining firmly focussed on the users’ needs throughout the whole development process. Our applications are designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use, minimise user inputs and to return results quickly. By focussing on cloud based solutions, we take advantage of the latest software, fast servers and gold standard security to give our users extra confidence. A cloud-based approach opens our services up to anyone with access to a web browser, thus removing the need to download and install software and therefore minimising IT constraints.

Working with us

Climate change science and data is just the beginning of the story and just one of many inputs behind what a changing climate means to our clients’ operations, investments or assets and infrastructure. When you use our applications, we have already done the hard work by joining up millions of data points with success criteria and objectives. Whether you consider yourself an expert or non-expert, we develop applications to suit your level of expertise, with outputs that are meaningful and valuable inputs to your strategic and operational decisions. We appreciate that one size does not fit all and are experienced in developing fully bespoke solutions from scratch as well as customising our off-the-shelf applications to your requirements.

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Showcase: Acclimatise AwareTM

Our Aware platform provides an easy three-step process to screen a company or project for climate risks. It’s as easy as creating a project, selecting company or project locations on a map and answering some simple questions. Users can save even more time by running an express report with no need to answer questions, Aware does all the work. Developed for investors and lenders, organisations such as the Asian Development Bank are already using Aware to screen their project and investments for climate risks, ultimately building resilience within their portfolios.

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Our work

Climate risk screening tool, confidential client

For an oil & gas major, Acclimatise developed a risk screening tool to prepare for changing climate risks amongst their existing and planned asset base. The tool integrates the latest climate projections data with existing information on their asset base for rapid assessment of risks across a portfolio of over 200 global assets. Acclimatise worked with the British Atmospheric Data Centre to generate climatologies for a range of relevant variables from the latest projections. The data were linked to asset sensitivity and threshold data to assess the risk at individual locations, or by asset type, regional clusters or global portfolio.

MiCA tool, climate data exploration tool, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)

ICMM contracted Acclimatise to develop a global climate science data viewer for their members. The MiCA (Mining Climate Assessment) tool makes use of latest IPCC AR5 climate projections data, quality controlled by the British Atmospheric Data Centre. The first release contains an initial set of climate variables deemed to be of most interest to mining companies, as well as current and future water scarcity data analysis. A powerful click and extract function rapidly returns multi-model data, with high level statistical summaries across multiple climate model outputs, and data drill-down capabilities. Built on a scalable, cloud-based platform, the tool allows for more data and enhanced functionality to be added over time.