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A unique and innovative perspective

Acclimatise is at the forefront of climate change-related research and innovation. Our unparalleled understanding of the technical needs for climate change-related solutions in a global marketplace puts us very much in demand for research consortia looking for that all important private-sector perspective in developing innovative and applied solutions to the most pressing of climate change issues. We are always open to collaboration opportunities and partnerships. In fact, we have already partnered with a range of public, academic and private sector organisations on several research and innovation projects that have created significant impact and global interest.

Working with us

From earth observation and climate projection data through to climate risk assessment and adaptation services, Acclimatise offers research and innovation services that can benefit your organisation, research institute and emerging research consortium. We seek to add significant value and benefit to research and innovation processes through a strong emphasis on understanding users’ needs and working from the ground-up to develop exciting products and services that simply work. As such, we are serious about collaboration and the benefits we can bring. Working with us allows us to bring a global perspective and experience – after all we have worked in over 70 countries with an enormous range of clients.

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Showcase: Research for the US Department of Defence

Acclimatise, in partnership with the University of Arizona, completed 4-years of detailed research to support the US Department of Defence in developing innovative approaches to integrate climate risk into their mission readiness, asset management and strategic objectives. The project covered three DoD facilities in the southwest of the USA where our research provided vital insight and guidance in tackling a range of significant climate impacts, such as water scarcity and wildfires.


Research & Innovation

Our work

Market research for a climate services observatory (MARCO), European Commission

MARCO involves 11 partners from six countries across Europe. This research and innovation project will provide a 360o view of emerging climate services market through understanding demand and supply components of the market, the opportunities for market growth and foresight on the future size and characteristics of the market in 2020 and 2030. Acclimatise is managing a large work package, investigating the climate services market across 9 industrial sectors, including mining, law, energy, water, agroforestry and real estate.

Sector research on the adaptation potential, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

The CDP represents the world’s largest institutional investor collaboration on the business implications of climate change. Acclimatise prepared a series of four research publications, sponsored by IBM, using CDP data. These reports covered FTSE350 listed companies, global oil and gas companies, energy companies and mining and metals companies. The FTSE350 report also showcased our proprietary adaptation-based index called the Acclimatisation IndexTM that highlighted which business sectors are ahead in taking action on climate risk and opportunities, and those that are not.

European Market for Climate Service (EU-MACS), European Commission

EU-MACS gathers 9 partners and delivers innovation through making the wealth of climate information truly accessible and applicable for a large variety of climate service users. In cooperation with current and potential climate service users, the project developed mechanisms that should assist both climate service providers and users in better matching their products, capabilities, and needs, while at the same time also smoothing the processes for searching, selecting, tailoring, and using climate service products. Acclimatise is managing a major work package focused on understanding how climate services can serve the needs of the financial services sector.

Climate change resilience in Europe – a snapshot of the private sector, CDP

Acclimatise authored a snapshot report on the state of adaptation preparedness for European businesses across all major segments. Acclimatise undertook extensive research, using CDP data covering the 300 largest European companies as well as the largest 100 listed companies in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). The snapshot report contains valuable, actionable insights into which sectors are already affected by the impacts of climate change, who are taking action, who have the most to lose, across what timeframes different sectors will be impacted, and much more. Following public launch the report created significant media interest.

Innovation for Climate Adaptation, Climate KIC

Climate-KIC has a strategic objective to become the leading catalyst of innovation for climate change adaptation in the UK and internationally. To assist in realising this objective, Acclimatise was commissioned by Climate-KIC to undertake detailed research on the market opportunities for climate change adaptation in the UK and provide guidance and recommendations to develop a corporate approach to climate change adaptation innovation.

EA Business opportunities in a changing climate, Environment Agency (Climate Ready)

Acclimatise was commissioned to undertake original research to develop a practical, encouraging and insightful report that takes account of the most up-to-date evidence in the UK on private sector adaptation. The published digital report, squarely aimed at the business community, provided a revealing snapshot of the opportunities that UK businesses are already taking and demonstrated the wide range of tangible benefits available, from cost saving, increased reputational value, investor attractiveness and the potential to leverage relationships with others to increasing the resilience of international supply chains.