Climate Risk Assessments & Adaptation

Leading climate risk management & adaptation services

Acclimatise understands the risks and opportunities that climate change creates for businesses, governments, and society as a whole. Governments and businesses need to ensure they can maintain service delivery, protect core operations, reduce liabilities and limit damage to the bottom line. Demonstrating to investors, shareholders and other interested parties that the impacts of climate change are being managed is more important than ever. We work with our clients to improve their business continuity, increase competitive advantage and enhance reputational benefits.

Working with us

At Acclimatise, we guide our clients through the process of deciphering the climate science into tangible risks and opportunities for their business or areas of responsibility. We help them identify the most appropriate solutions to manage these risks and capitalise on the opportunities to ensure business continuity and public service delivery are maintained. By incorporating climate information in decision-making processes, over time, we can help you build your resilience to current and future climate conditions, and associated natural hazards.

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Showcase: Creating climate resilient supply chains, Marks & Spencer

M&S recognise the potential climate-related opportunities and threats to its supply chains. Acclimatise helped M&S understand and manage the impacts of climate change on supply chains, centred on a series of key categories. This high-level study was designed to inform M&S of the projected performance of individual products under a changing climate. Following this study, Acclimatise was also involved in engagement activities with key suppliers, to help them begin to identify adaptation solutions.

Climate Risk Assessments & Adaptation

Our work

Sector champion for the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)

As part of the Climate Change Act, the UK Government is committed to carry out an assessment of the risks to the UK of climate change every five years. For the first UK CCRA, Acclimatise was appointed sector champion for Business, Industry and Services. This involved a high-level risk assessment of the impact and likelihood of climate change risks to this sector, utilising financial services, tourism, food and beverage manufacturing, primary extractives (oil, gas and mining) and chemical manufacturing as illustrative examples. The findings of this work have helped to inform Government policy on climate change adaptation.

Financing water adaptation in the housing sector, IDB and Government of Jamaica

Climate change threatens the water security of a growing number of households in Jamaica. Acclimatise supported the Government of Jamaica and the IDB in preparing a project concept to attract finance for water adaptation in the housing sector. The concept was for a US$5.75m loan to facilitate the purchase and installation of water saving measures in new build homes, and for a technical cooperation component to facilitate activities such as building local capacity to design/install adaptation measures. Acclimatise supported the detailed design of the PPCR-endorsed project.

Report about business opportunities in a changing climate for the UK Environment Agency

Acclimatise was commissioned by the Environment Agency Climate Ready Programme to produce a practical, encouraging and insightful report that takes account of the most up-to-date evidence in the UK on private sector adaptation. The published digital report aims to highlight opportunities and serve as a ‘call to action’ for the business community. It provides a snapshot of the opportunities that UK businesses are already taking and demonstrates the wide range of tangible benefits available, from cost saving, increased reputational value and investor attractiveness.

Developing a climate risk management framework for BG Group

Companies in the primary extractive sector are exposed to climate risks due to their reliance on long-lived and capital intensive assets, complex supply chains and operational presence in areas vulnerable to climate events. BG Group commissioned Acclimatise to identify climate trends for the locations of current and future assets and provide support in designing and implementing its Climate Risk Management Framework. BG Group has adopted internal mandatory requirements governing adaptation, which set out how climate risks to operations should be assessed to deliver against the company’s operational and environmental standards.

Risk identification and adaptation measures for the Port of Manzanillo

The Port of Manzanillo concentrates the largest international merchandise traffic in Mexico, currently receiving 18 million tons of cargo a year. It is expected that in the future the effects of climate change may affect port infrastructure, operations and the wider supply chain, with implications for the commercial activities of the port. Working in conjunction with WorleyParsons and Consultec, Acclimatise undertook a robust analysis of climate-related risks, as well as an assessment of the most financially and economically viable adaptation measures to reduce climate vulnerability and exploit business opportunities.

Researching climate change impacts to installations for the US Department of Defence

Climate change will affect Department of Defense (DoD) operations, stewardship responsibilities, relationships with other agencies, private sector contractors and the local communities and environment within which it operates. In partnership with the University of Arizona, we worked on a four-year project to integrate climate risk considerations into DoD operational planning, asset management and strategic objectives. The project focused on a series of case-study pilots at four installations in the Southwest, to identify gaps, needs, and opportunities for integrating climate adaptation thinking and practice into DoD operations.