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We believe that good communication drives change. One of the biggest barriers to action on climate change is the gap between technical research and real-world decision-making. Our communications and knowledge management experts can help you achieve the impact that your work deserves, making sure it reaches the right people in a language that they understand. Whether you want to increase the effectiveness of your research work, or need to present climate information in a way that resonates with decision-makers in government or the private sector, Acclimatise can help you shape your message, and produce impactful content.

Working with us

Our experts combine technical knowledge of climate change risk and resilience, with communications expertise to produce engaging, shareable, and memorable content. Working closely with our clients throughout the communications process, we develop content strategies that target the people that really matter. Our writers, film makers and editors can help you establish the correct tone, style and format of your communications so that your work resonates with your desired audience. We have in-house capacity to produce infographics, podcasts, films, animations, policy briefs, posters, blogs, interactive websites and more.

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Showcase: NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information success stories

Acclimatise was commissioned by NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) to demonstrate the value of its climate data to the end user. Through a series of films, infographics and case studies, NCEI’s products and services were brought to life by those who benefit from them. Our series uncovers the surprisingly varied uses for NCEI climate and weather data, from air traffic safety to re-insurance.

Find all the success stories by clicking here.

Communications & knowledge management

Our work

Urban resilience in Asia, Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank manages a specialist fund that invests in climate resilience in cities across Asia. The bank has commissioned a consortium, led by Arup International Development and including Plan International and Acclimatise, to share the knowledge and lessons emerging from the fund’s climate resilience projects in 7 countries and more than 30 cities. The four-year project will break new ground in understanding how urban resilience can be measured and integrated into large-scale infrastructure projects. Learn more here.

Climate research in the Caribbean, Climate and Development Knowledge Network

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network, commissioned Acclimatise to help communicate the most important findings from over 10 years of research work in the Caribbean region. After analysing over 80 reports, journal articles and policy briefs across 4 separate research programmes, Acclimatise identified 4 compelling narratives that highlighted the main themes of the research work. These were communicated to policy makers in the region through a series of videos, infographics, policy briefs and webinars. Learn more here.

The Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience network, is a ground-break initiative that saw climate resilience measures applied in more than 30 cities across Asia. Acclimatise worked with the network’s team for over 12 months to develop an editorial and content strategy to help foster an engaged community of practice that shares lessons and research on urban climate resilience. We produced a wide range of communications products including, animations, films, infographics, podcasts and articles. The network now boasts over 2000 active members. Learn more here.

“The Future We Don’t Want: How climate change could impact the world’s greatest cities”, C40

The C40 network commissioned a team led by Acclimatise to undertake a global scale analysis of the impacts of climate change on cities. The results of the analysis are captured in a technical report, which is accompanied by a series of policy narratives, that highlight what action city officials can take to adapt. The narratives are hosted on the C40 website and shared throughout its network to promote strong action on climate change adaptation in urban areas.

Communicating Cambodia’s National Adaptation Plan, GIZ

The German development cooperation agency, GiZ, asked Acclimatise to develop a communications plan that would help the Government of Cambodia to best communicate its National Adaptation Plan to important decision makers across government ministries and strategic agencies. The plan was presented to the government in Phnom Penh in 2016.

Action on Climate Today Learning, Uptake and Communication Initiative, Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

Acclimatise supported DFID’s eight-year Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme to share the lessons from four years of its work in four southeast Asian countries. Acclimatise produced a series of learning briefs to distil the information from ACT’s practice papers and produced a collaborative microsite to host ACT’s materials to ensure its legacy is maintained after the programme’s lifetime. Acclimatise also produced and implemented a digital communications strategy to disseminate ACT’s findings.