Climate Finance

World class climate finance expertise

Acclimatise understands that accessing adequate financial resources is one of the biggest obstacles to creating a more climate resilient world. Our team of experts has supported national governments and some of the largest global businesses and financial institutions to identify, access, manage and use sources of international, bilateral, and national climate finance. This covers all the chain from assessing the risks and opportunities from a changing climate to the identification and design/structuring of specific investments (project-level and financial mechanism).

We are fluent in climate adaptation finance and can help you mobilise, catalyse, and leverage public and private capital to deliver your climate investment strategies and financing for climate-resilience solutions. Our goal is to help our clients connect investors with high-impact investment opportunities.

Working with us

Our success is built on close collaboration and strong relationships. We pride ourselves on working with, not dictating to, our clients. This is how we achieve lasting impact. Whether supporting our clients to access below-market financing to de-risk their investments or structuring new investment vehicles to unlock private sector investment, we provide the support and guidance that our clients need to mobilise the financial resources required to implement locally appropriate climate resilience solutions.


Green Climate Fund Proposal Toolkit

A toolkit for understanding the Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund is the main public fund that helps developing countries tackle climate change, however, its application procedures are complicated. We have developed a toolkit to help project developers understand the requirements for designing and submitting a funding proposal. It aims to make the fund’s requirements and terminology more user-friendly for non-experts. The toolkit covers all the steps, from the preparation of a concept note to a full proposal and explains how to access support for project preparation.

Download the toolkit by clicking here.

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Learning Paper on Engaging the Private Sector in Financing Climate Change Adaptation

Acclimatise, alongside the Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme, published a learning paper which presents the current state-of-play on how the private sector can successfully finance adaptation. It is intended for policymakers, practitioners and donors to understand how they can successfully engage the private sector. Using examples and case studies from India and Nepal, this paper identifies the lessons learnt, and the key enabling factors for the private sector to invest in climate change adaptation.

Read the learning paper by clicking here.

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Climate Finance

Our work

Design of the Adaptation Challenge Fund for Africa: AdapAfrica Fund

Acclimatise was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme to undertake an assessment of the market potential for private adaptation solutions as well as the current barriers to their market growth across Africa, focusing on three countries namely Ivory Coast, Mauritius and South Africa. Based on this market study, Acclimatise developed a business proposition and funding strategy for a new catalytic investment vehicle to support the growth of Africa-based private companies that supply those locally appropriate adaptation solutions.

Building readiness for investment in low carbon, climate resilient development in Swaziland

Acclimatise supports the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs in Swaziland to develop a set of four concept notes and a fully fledged proposal to submit to the Green Climate Fund. Our team will provide a country-level assessment to determine the priority activities in low-carbon and climate resilient development and technical capacity building to project developers.

Building readiness of the private sector in Bangladesh for Green Climate Fund accreditation

Acclimatise supported the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) to raise private sector awareness about accessing the GCF and the opportunities that are available to finance their climate-related investments. Two papers on private sector involvement in climate projects were developed during this project: a business case that highlights the climate opportunities and risks for the Bangladeshi private sector and a paper focused on fostering an enabling environment for private investment.

Developing fundable concept notes and fully-fledged projects to support private sector adaptation in the Caribbean

As part of the Pilot Project for Climate Resilience (PPCR), our team was engaged by the Inter-American Development Bank to identify and develop three concept notes for projects to strengthen private sector climate resilience in Jamaica, Saint Lucia and for the Caribbean Region. Two concept notes for building climate resilience of the agricultural and water sectors in Jamaica and Saint Lucia were approved, and we were commissioned again to develop the concept notes into fully-fledged projects.

Supporting the Republic of Uzbekistan to directly access the Green Climate Fund

Acclimatise was commissioned by United Nations Environment to support the Republic of Uzbekistan through the process of identifying, assessing and strengthening a national organisation to become accredited in order to directly access funding from the Green Climate Fund.

For further information about our climate finance learning and mentoring services, have a look at our Learning Services page.