Public review of the Words into Action guide: ‘Nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction’

Public review of the Words into Action guide: ‘Nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction’

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk reductions invites members of the DRR community to comment on the new Words into Action guide on nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction.

Some of the most important risks faced by humankind today are environment related: extreme weather, biodiversity loss, natural hazards and human-made environmental disasters. In large part, the rising risks are the result of environmental degradation occurring worldwide due to increased human activity. However, these risks can be reduced through working with nature rather than against it; a concept known as nature-based solutions.

This public review version of the guide aims to give practical, how-to-do information on setting up and implementing nature-based solutions (NbS), especially for disaster risk reduction (DRR), but also for climate change adaptation (CCA). It is designed to help implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

The guide is organized into three main chapters:

  • Chapter 2 is an introduction to what nature-based solutions are, why they are important, and what the current state of play is in the world.
  • Chapter 3 goes into more details on how to implement NbS in the context of the Sendai Framework. Many tools and resources are given non-exhaustively.
  • Chapter 4 is about mainstreaming and upscaling NbS to deal with disasters and climate risks. It covers policy coherence and how to engage communities, including women and youth, and the private sector.

As an effort from the international DRR Community brokered by UNDRR, this official public consultation version is the product of a long and detailed process of drafting, consultation and review. This document will be on PreventionWeb for public review for three months (until 12 January 2021) to ensure no important aspect has been overlooked.

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