Asia Climate Week 27-28 March, Suntec Singapore, brings world-class expertise together

Asia Climate Week 27-28 March, Suntec Singapore, brings world-class expertise together

Asia is the world’s economic powerhouse with most of the world’s fastest growing economies in the region.

But as weather events get more extreme and climate change deepens, are the regions businesses – most directly or directly influenced by the weather – best positioned to meet the challenges and take advantage of the new business opportunities being created?

The 6th InterMET Asia conference and exhibition brings the global weather and climate industry together. Dedicated to the use of weather information routinely, and to mitigate, manage and build resilience the event will examine the growing impacts of extreme weather and climate change.

For 2019 it is joined by the 2nd InterFLOOD Asia flood management and mitigation conference and exhibition, with the debut InterAIR Asia focused on air quality monitoring, measurement and improvement.

The result is Asia Climate Week – the most important coming together ever of expertise on weather & climate-related environmental issues for the Asia, Africa and Pacific regions. The conference runs from 25-29 March and the exhibition from 27-28 March.

For 2019, InterMET Asia and InterFLOOD Asia will be joined by the debut InterAIR Asia. As a prelude to a full exhibition and conference launch in 2020, this will initially comprise a series of expert conference sessions.

World class conference programme: Harnessing the power of weather information to save lives, build resilience and enhance economic output and social well-being

The InterMET Asia conference takes the theme of Urbanisation and the rise of the Megacity, – four intensive days packed with hard hitting expert presentations, discussions and workshops from the public, private and academic sectors of the Global Weather Enterprise.

InterFLOOD Asia sessions will address the challenges posed by extreme weather and flooding, focussing on management, mitigation and resilience, including a session dedicated to urban planning.  Two InterAIR Asia presentations will investigate the impact of air quality in urban environments, with a focus on public health.

Overall, ​the programme will: ​

  • Illustrate how weather data is being used routinely by public and private enterprise to enhance efficiency and profitability
  • Examine the key role of weather and related data in meeting the growing challenge of extreme weather & climate change to the urban environment
  • Highlight the latest developments in hydrometeorology technology, information and forecasting services, and impact early warning systems
  • Demonstrate the importance of relevant, effective and timely communications
  • Show how key public and private organisations are using hydrometeorology to save lives, build resilience and enhance economic output

International support and co-operation

InterMET Asia, along with InterFLOOD Asia and InterAIR Asia, is part of the international co-operation framework comprising the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery (GFDRR), the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and the Association of the Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI). Supporters include the Singapore National Environment Agency and Meteorological Services Singapore.

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