Mary Robinson’s new podcast to tackle climate justice with positive messages

Mary Robinson’s new podcast to tackle climate justice with positive messages

By Elisa Jiménez Alonso

Former Irish president and UN High Commissioner Mary Robinson is stepping into the world of podcasts. In the new series Mothers of Invention Robinson and her co-host, comedian Maeve Higgins, the duo will present positive stories of climate action and the women behind those successes.

While the podcast aims to tackle complex issues like colonialism, racism, poverty, migration, and social justice in combination with feminism and climate change, it will do so an unexpectedly light-hearted manner. As Higgins says in The Guardian “There is a lot of doom and gloom – this is not like that.”

Robinson and Higgins are hoping to create a feminist movement that tackles climate justice. Higgins adds “It [i.e. the movement] will be happening in an unstructured way, which is all the better, because we are not prescribing what a feminist solution should look like, we are listening – we want women to tell us what they want. That to me is more interesting.”

While the first set of episodes focuses only women and female voices, but the initiative aims to include men in the future, as Robinson puts it “a feminist solution to climate change involves everyone.”

Listen to Episode 1: All Rise by clicking here.

Cover photo by Trocaire/Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0): Mary Robinson with healthworker Nadhifa Ibrahim Mohamed. She has worked in Trócaire’s Dollow Health Centre for 3 years and is a certified midwife, Dollow, Somalia.

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