Acclimatise Team

Dr Anna Haworth

Anna is a Risk Advisor

Anna is a senior specialist in climate change risk assessment and management. She has a strong scientific knowledge of past climate change and future projections, which she developed through her own academic research, having completed a PhD in 2009.

Anna has particularly knowledge and experience in the UK context, together with the challenges and opportunities facing the private sector. Anna was co-lead author of the first UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (2012), focusing on the current and projected climate risks and opportunities for the Business, Industry and Services Sector. Subsequently, for the second UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (2017), Anna authored the section in the Evidence Report on climate risks and opportunities to distribution networks, supply chains and transport systems. Anna has also worked with an extensive number of international clients, covering a diverse range of sectors, including energy, extractives, infrastructure and built environment, agriculture, water resources and tourism.




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