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Report: Acclimatise and Oxfam America: PREP Value Chain Climate Resilience
Category: Financial Services, Government & Policy, Latest News, Manufacturing, Retail & Supply Chains, Transport & Communications

This guide has been developed by companies and organizations engaged in the Partnership for Resilience and Environmental Preparedness (PREP) — a pilot partnership formed to address the risks and opportunities that climate change impacts pose to businesses and the communities on which they depend. One of the primary goals of PREP is to engage and inform good practice in companies as it relates to building climate resilience in partnership with communities. This guidance has been developed on behalf of the PREP member companies Calvert Investments, Entergy, Levi Strauss & Co., Earth Networks, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., Starbucks, and Swiss Re.

The report was prepared by Jean-Christophe Amado and Peter Adams (Acclimatise). Heather Coleman (Oxfam America) and Ryan Schuchard (BSR) were lead contributors.

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