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NEWS / VIU Summer School course: Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Category: Latest News

Image: VIU Summer School 'Critical Infrastructure Resilience' banner.


To build resilience into existing infrastructure and guide the investment agenda, the World Bank, in collaboration with the Çukurova Development Agency (ÇDA), is undertaking a High-level Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment (CIRA) for two priority sectors in Çukurova, Turkey, namely energy and logistics. 

The high-level risk assessment has three aims: 

  1. to develop a pragmatic approach for critical infrastructure risk management, 
  2. to improve the planning process by providing policy recommendations for risk management, and 
  3. to suggest next steps for action and to share existing best practices.

The assignment is being led by the World Bank and ÇDA and undertaken by a team of risk assessment and risk management specialists from Acclimatise Group Ltd, GTE Carbon and expert sub-consultants, working in close partnership. 

Building on the efforts of the critical infrstructure work in Turkey, there will be a course at Venice International University (VIU) Summer School about critical infrastructure resilience. The course, partly led by team members of the CIRA, will take place from June 26 – 30, 2017 in Venice.

The course aims to provide a solid understanding of critical infrastructure and its role for the global, interconnected world we live in and to frame it within the concept of resilience. The course consists of a mix of theoretical knowledge, case studies and hands-on exercises. The city of Venice will be used as a laboratory and students will learn first hand how to identify a critical infrastructure, assess its risk, develop resilience strategies and devise ways to apply them. Participants will work on their field of interest and contribute to a multi-disciplinary teamwork.

The application deadline for the course is 24 March, 2017. 


To find out all the details about the course, please visit the VIU website by clicking here.