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NEWS / UK Climate Projections website relaunches after refresh
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Image: Satellite view of the UK: NASA: Public domain

The UKCP09 climate change projections website has been refreshed and updated based on customer feedback. UKCP09 remains the leading source of climate change information for the UK. 

Visitors to the UKCP09 website will still find all the same high quality information as before, but it will be easier to find and use, particularly for those who are new to climate change impacts and adaptation.

The Environment Agency manages UKCP09 with support from the Met Office as part of its Climate Ready Support Service.  Since April 2012, the support service has provided advice to help organisations in adapting to a changing climate. 

The Environment Agency and Met Office would welcome your feedback to help maintain and continuously improve the UKCP09 site. Please send us your comments using the feedback form on the Homepage of the UKCP09 website.


For more information please contact the Climate Ready Evidence team: