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NEWS / NASA's Dr David Green confirmed as keynote speaker for Flood Expo 2017
Category: Latest News

Image: Acclimatise is a partner of this year's Flood Expo. Photo provided by Prysm Group.

The Flood Expo are absolutely delighted to announce that Dr David Green, NASA’s Program Manager for their Risk Reduction & Response Program, as a keynote speaker for the Flood Expo this September (27th & 28th of September, ExCeL London).

David’s talk will address why and how NASA’s earth-observing satellites provide information about floods that can only be obtained from the perspective of space and how their data really helps flood management by showing the extent and magnitude of large-scale disaster.

NASA’s Disasters Applications area promotes the use of earth observations to improve prediction of, preparation for, response to and recovery from natural and technological disasters.

Projects David’s team are currently working on include using multi-sensor SAR data for ground deformation monitoring of Latin American volcanoes; exploiting real-time GPS data to accurately assess the magnitude and structure of earthquakes and resulting tsunamis; and using MODIS observations together with socioeconomic and historical flooding data to identify floods and associated impacts to people and infrastructure in near real-time in the Lower Mekong region.

The only way to sit in on this highly-anticipated seminar is to register for your Free Ticket at the Flood Expo registration page.