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Policy Brief: ICCCAD: Planning for adaptation in Bangladesh

This paper discusses the experiential learning that Bangladesh gained during more than a decade of a...  Read More

EU-MACS report: Acclimatise and Twente University: Analysing existing data infrastructures for climate services

Acclimatise and EU-MACS partner Twente University finalised a report analysing the existing climate ...  Read More

Report: University of Arizona, Acclimatise, SERDP: Climate change impacts and adaptation on Southwestern DoD facilities

A newly published Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) report complete...  Read More
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NEWS / Infographic: In 2011 Thailand was under water; but the ripples were felt across the world
Category: Features, Retail & Supply Chains


Over two years on from the devastating floods that hit Thailand, we look back at some of the impacts that the floods had on global supply chains. Extreme events have continued to hit countries around the world, most recently with Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines. The infographic below shows some of the direct impacts that the Thailand floods had on global supply chains.


Click on the image below to enlarge: