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NEWS / Guayaquil adapts to climate change
Category: Latest News

Image: Las Peñas, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Photo by Carlos Adampol Galindo/Flickr (CC by SA-2.0).

By Elisa Jiménez Alonso

Recently, the Ecuadorian city Guayaquil presented the five action areas of its new environmental strategy: water and sanitation, solid waste, air quality and climate change, ecosystem management, and transport and energy.

The plan was presented by mayor Jaime Nebot and representatives of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF). Bernardo Requena, Director Representative of CAF in Ecuador, presented the mayor with the results of an extensive climate change vulnerability assessment of Guayaquil. The vulnerability assessment is part of a project funded by CAF and being carried out by Acclimatise and ICare & Consult. The overall objective is to identify climate change adaptation measures for the city of Guayaquil, based on a thorough vulnerability analysis containing environmental, economic and social dimensions, as well as a sectoral analysis.

The analysis developed a zonal Climate Vulnerability Index for the city of Guayaquil which helped identify its main vulnerability areas and aspects. These include areas with a high risk of flooding and landslide, as well as areas prone to the urban heat island (UHI) effect. Based on the results of the Climate Vulnerability Diagnosis the team proposed a set of adaptation measures, which include enhancing adaptive capacity, ecosystem-based adaptation measures, and infrastructure measures.

See below some impressions from the ceremony:

Maribel Hernández from Acclimatise presenting the project in Guayaquil.


If you want to learn more about the project, listen to this interview with Acclimatise senior consultant and project leader Maribel Hernández (only available in Spanish):