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COP24 side event: Adaptation Finance and TCFD Recommendations

COP24 side event: Adaptation Finance and TCFD Recommendations

Acclimatise, the European Investment Bank, and the Global Reporting Initiative would like to invite you to this panel discussion.

When: Tuesday 11 December from 15:00-16:30

Where: Room BUG, Area G, COP24 Conference venue, Katowice


  • Dr Cinzia Losenno, Senior Climate Change Specialist, European Investment Bank
  • Dr Craig Davies, Head of Climate Resilience Investments, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
  • Dr Hilen Meirovich, Climate Lead Specialist, IDB Invest
  • Mr Remco Fischer, Head of Climate Change, UNEP Finance Initiative
  • Dr Barney Dickson, Director of Strategy and Policy, Global Center on Adaptation, Co-Director of Global Commission on Adaptation
  • Mr Alexis Bonnel, Lead of International Development Finance Club, Agence Française
    de Développement

Moderator: Mr John Firth, CEO of Acclimatise

Webcast:  A live broadcast via Skype Meeting Broadcast will be available on-demand via the following
link to “Side Events Webcast Page”. Viewers will also be able to submit questions through the dedicated chat.

Contact: Dr Sara Venturini,


Policies and investors play a key role in building climate resilience, including through climaterelated
financial disclosures. This event explores promising practices of national and capital market policies enhancing corporate reporting on climate action, and international finance institutions’ reporting on adaptation finance.

It has been over a year since the release of the Recommendations from the Financial Stability Board (FSB) Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Across the world, leading initiatives have started to explore how different segments of the financial sector may respond to the TCFD Recommendations. Lessons from these pioneer initiatives show the need for collaboration between and within financial institutions, as well as for better guidelines and metrics to support risk disclosure processes.

Physical climate-related disclosures are part of an iterative process and constitute a learning exercise for corporations and financial institutions. Multilateral development banks (MDBs) have a role to play in ensuring that emerging economies are not left behind as new regulatory and market practices on climate-related disclosures emerge.

This event will discuss:

  • How policy plays an important role in advancing corporate reporting on climate change related issues by exploring promising practices of national policies and capital markets regulation that enhance corporate reporting and climate action.
  • How MDBs can work with commercial bank partners using the TCFD recommendations as a basis for engagement.
  • How major financial institutions such as MDBs and International Development Finance Club (IDFC) members work jointly to develop principles and methodologies to report the level and the outcome of climate finance for adaptation and climate resilience operations in their development portfolios.

Cover photo by Umkatowice/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0): Katowice, Poland

People’s Seat at COP24 to allow public have a voice at the conference

People’s Seat at COP24 to allow public have a voice at the conference

In preparation for this year’s UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, COP24, it was announced this week that the conference would have a new feature: the People’s Seat.

The “People’s Seat” initiative will combine digital technology, polling, and the involvement of climate change advocates who will deliver messages about the need to act on climate change and engage people around the world. One of these advocates, Sir David Attenborough, is launching the campaign with a video inviting viewers to share their thoughts on climate change. Over the next two weeks, thousands of influencers from around the world will also use polling and the hashtag #TakeYourSeat on social media to gather people’s experiences and opinions.

The People’s Address will be delivered by Sir David Attenborough from The People’s Seat at the COP24 plenary on 3 December and will be broadcast on social media around the world. The People’s Address will also trigger the launch of a Climate Action Facebook Messenger

Alison Smale, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, said: “People need to be empowered in their own lives to be the change that we need for a sustainable world. We welcome the use of cutting-edge technology to help everyone around the world reduce emissions through the With this initiative, we are calling on citizens to take action in ways that are feasible, fresh and have an impact.”

Download the factsheet about the initiative by clicking here.

Event: Methodologies and tools to evaluate the financial impact of climate-related risks and opportunities

Event: Methodologies and tools to evaluate the financial impact of climate-related risks and opportunities

On 16 November, the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei will be hosting a workshop on methodologies and tools to evaluate the financial impact of climate-related risks and opportunities in Milan, Italy. Acclimatise’s CEO John Firth will be participating in a round-table discussion bringing together firms and investors to discuss their respective views on climate-risk disclosure and expectations on the associated financial impacts.

Visit the event website by clicking here.

Background to the event

As the demand for disclosure of climate related risks and opportunities scales up in the financial sector, firms are responding by implementing reporting frameworks following guidelines like the Recommendations set out by the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

To improve the quality and transparency of climate information sought by investors, firms are looking for effective methodologies to improve their evaluation of the financial impacts of climate change in the medium/long run. Think-tanks and research centres have already begun elaborating and testing systems to reach these objectives, particularly for what concerns the energy transition risks and the physical risks related to climate change.

Through the participation of high-level international experts, the workshop will present some of the most interesting instruments and methods in this field. The workshop will also present the British approach to implementing the recommendations of the TCFD within the national disclosure guidelines, with the purpose of representing a valuable lesson for the Italian firms. The final session will discuss the role of the information that results from these tools for firms and investors.

The DeRisk-CO project, developed at FEEM, aims at mapping and evaluating such methodologies, so as to stimulate a scientifically founded debate on the relevance of disclosing climate information, and to give valuable insights for Italian businesses. This workshop is part of a series of events promoted by the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (ItaSif) within the SRI week.

Help shape Copernicus Climate Change user learning services

Help shape Copernicus Climate Change user learning services

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) now also offers learning services on how to correctly use its Climate Data Store. The courses combine classroom and online training covering:

  • Climate Data Store
  • Data discovery
  • Data sources (Essential Climate Variables, Earth Observations, reanalysis, climate predictions, seasonal forecasts)
  • Sectoral Information System (including case studies e.g. from the water, energy, food and insurance sectors)
  • Uncertainty

In order to shape the learning service to its users’ needs, C3S are currently undertaking a short survey to find out what people really want out of the platform. Click here to access the survey and provide your feedback: Access C3S learning services survey.

Free training events are held all across Europe. Click here to find out when and where the next ones are taking place: Access the event calendar.

There is also a Learning Experience Platform people can use for free, click here to register.

Read the brochure by clicking on the image:

Cover photo by rawpixel on Unsplash, edited.
Conference at The Collider: The nexus of climate data, insurance, and adaptive capacity

Conference at The Collider: The nexus of climate data, insurance, and adaptive capacity

From 8-9 November 2018, The Collider in Asheville, NC, is hosting an exciting conference on the nexus of climate data, insurance, and adaptive capacity.

This workshop will facilitate a national, interdisciplinary scientific research discussion on modelling and managing climate change risks between three different but related research communities: the climate modelling and data community, statisticians, and researchers within the insurance and reinsurance industries. This workshop will be aimed at active scientific researchers in each community, with the goals of sharing perspectives, methods, and databases; defining gaps of existing research; and forming actionable research paths which can only be addressed by teams which are new, collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Speakers include: Deke Arndt (NCEI), Dan Cooley (Colorado State), Stephanie Herring (NOAA), Jeremy Hess (U-Washington), Jennifer Jurado (Broward County, FL), Lysa Porth (U-Manitoba), Doug Nychka (Colorado Mines), Raghuveer Vinukollu (Munich Re), and Roy Wright (IBHS).

The conference is organised by the Statistics and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, Reinsurance Association of America, Renaissance Computing Institute, and Wake Forest University, with support from the NSF, Society of Actuaries and Casualty and Actuarial Society.

Registration is $100/person, and $25/person for students.

Click here to register and access the agenda.

Acclimatise CEO to speak at Eye on Earth Symposium

Acclimatise CEO to speak at Eye on Earth Symposium

From 22-24 October 2018 the Eye on Earth Symposium will be held at the Mina A’Salam Hotel in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Acclimatise’s CEO John Firth will be participating remotely in a session “Application of Earth Observation data to support robust investment decisions in the face of a changing climate” together with moderator Tanzeed Alam, Managing Director of Earth Matters Consulting, and panellists Jed Sundwall, Global Open Data Lead at Amazon, and Steven Ramage, Head of External Relations from the Group on Earth Observations Secretariat. The session will be transmitted live, register below to watch the live stream. Find the abstract below the registration link.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, as co-founder of the Eye on Earth movement, in partnership with the UAE Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority and the Eye on Earth Alliance are inviting all who support evidence-based decision making for environmental and natural resource aspects of sustainable development to convene, converge and collaborate at the Eye on Earth Symposium. Participation in the Eye on Earth Symposium is free of charge.

Register to attend the session online by clicking here.

GoToMeeting meeting ID: 781‐633‐691

Application of Earth Observation data to support robust investment decisions in the face of a changing climate

Monday 22 October from 17:30 to 19:30 (UTC+4 )

Many sectors of the economy are sensitive to weather and climate, and climate change is already having profound effects which need to be understood and managed effectively to ensure sustainable development. Growing numbers of heat waves, more droughts and floods, rising sea levels, and increased losses from extreme weather events are occurring globally. Evaluating the risks posed by climate change and making decisions about how to adapt requires sound science and data as a foundation.

At present, the potential of Earth Observation (EO) data to support sustainable economic development in the face of a changing climate is significantly underutilised. EO data can be used to monitor urban growth, sea level rise, harmful algal blooms, river discharges, and the state of critical infrastructure, among many others. Applications based on EO data can help to identify climate change hot spots and to develop forecasting systems for extreme climate‐related events.

This session will highlight the value of (EO) data for evaluating climate risks and ensuring that investments by public and private sector decision‐makers are climate resilient. Drawing on examples of global best practice, the session will demonstrate how EO data, combined with socio‐economic data and climate change projections, can provide powerful applications and analytics to improve the design, preparation and management of investments in many economic sectors, including industry, commerce, real estate and infrastructure.

The session will provide examples of international initiatives which are building capacity to access EO data and create EO applications that help to manage changing climate risks. It will discuss the exciting potential for EO data to transform the way decisions are made.

The full programme is available by clicking here. Follow the Eye on Earth Symposium on social media using the hashtag #EyeOnEarthSymposium.

Follow Eye on Earth on social media:


 Eye on Earth

 Eye on Earth

 EoE Alliance

Cover photo by NASA on Unsplash
The Collider announces Climate City Expo

The Collider announces Climate City Expo

From 29 March – 7 April 2019, The Collider will host the Climate City Expo in Asheville, NC.

Climate City Expo (CCx) is a 10-day celebration of Asheville’s creativity and commitment to climate change awareness and action. The city’s climate-conscious ethos attracts entrepreneurs, chefs, builders, brewers, artists, and companies large and small. They come for the elevated quality of life and the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They contribute to a culture deeply connected to nature. They generate solutions that can inspire the world.

Exploring innovative climate solutions & business opportunities

Ensuring humanity’s future in a changing climate presents unique challenges and opportunities to drive innovation. CCx Business, from 2-3 April, is a cross-industry conference that convenes business executives, entrepreneurs, climate scientists, investors, and many more to explore solutions at the leading edge of climate resilience.

Liza Schillo, Global Product Sustainability Manager at Levi Strauss & Co said “At [CCx] I was given the rare opportunity to exchange ideas with professionals in the academic, governmental, and non-profit sectors.  Collaboration with a diversity of backgrounds and a unity of vision is a critical driver toward sustained, positive impact- [CCx] fosters that conversation.”

Register for CCx Business now to get 50% off. Tickets are limited. Register here.

Additional CCx tracks & NextGen event

Available to everyone, CCx features five additional tracks that highlight the multitude of ways Asheville is rising to the challenge of climate change:

  • Luminaries: Hear from visionary leaders who have made environmental action and a commitment to science lifelong callings.
  • Arts: Experience works of art – across numerous medium – that evoke deeply visceral experiences of our changing climate.
  • Eats: Taste the best of Asheville’s culinary scene prepared by climate conscious chefs, artisans, and brewers.
  • Learn: Explore the dynamic relationships between climate change and communities through exhibits, talks, and activities.
  • Faith: Engage with faith communities to explore connections among religion, spirituality, and climate change.

Additionally, CCx NextGen, a one-day interactive conference, will connect two- and four-year undergraduate students with leading climate professionals to gain exclusive insights into this growing field, explore climate resilience practices, and pitch their own solutions.

About The Collider: Innovative climate solutions must be grounded in the best science and speak the language of business. But every day, businesses, and communities are making billions of dollars of decisions without this vital information. That’s where the Collider comes in. Headquartered in “Climate City” — Asheville, North Carolina, USA — The Collider is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that exists to bring together diverse expertise and stimulate a new industry: climate products and services. Acclimatise is an inaugural member of The Collider.

The Irma Diaries European Speaking Tour: 17-25 September

The Irma Diaries European Speaking Tour: 17-25 September

Angela Burnett, author of The Irma Diaries: Compelling Survivor Stories from The Virgin Islands will be touring the UK and Belgium from 17-25 September to share the stories she collected from survivors of Hurricane Irma. Readings from her book will take audiences deep inside the strongest hurricane at time of landfall in Atlantic history.

Angela has served as the Climate Change Officer for the British Virgin Islands for the past 10 years and has been involved in vulnerability assessments, policy development, adaptation projects and sustainable climate financing. She will engage audiences in discussions around recovery, the future of islands in the face of climate change and creative mechanisms for accelerating global climate action.

To purchase The Irma Diaries, click here.

50% of all profits go to recovery and resilience building: ​25% to The Virgin Islands Climate Change Trust Fund and 25% to survivors

Listen to Acclimatise’s podcast with Angela Burnett speaking about living at the frontlines of climate change and her experience with Hurricane Irma:

Speaking schedule

Mon 17th Sep 12:30 – 14:00, Lunchtime Conference, External Cooperation Infopoint hosted by the European Commission, Rue de la Loi 43-45, Ground floor, Brussels

Mon 17th Sep 17:30 – 19:30, Presentation and Discussion hosted by the Embassies of the Eastern Caribbean States, Rue de Livourne 42, 1000, Brussels

Tues 18th Sep 18:00 p.m. Reception – readings and book signing hosted by BVI London Office, Upper Grosvenor St, Mayfair, London

Thurs 20th Sep 9:30 – 11:30 Press Briefing – IPCC 1.5°C Report (for release Oct 2018) hosted by CAN Europe, Mundo B, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, 1050, Ixelles

Announcement of the People’s Climate Case and raise attention to the need to increase the EU 2030 target in line with keeping temperature raise to 1.5°C. Speakers:

  • Angela Burnett
  • Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Professor of climate and environmental sciences at Université catholique de Louvain, former Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Armando Carvalho, plaintiff of the People’s Climate Case, who lost his forested land during the forest fires in 2017
  • Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe

Thurs 20th Sep 14:00, Debate: The role of climate litigation in supporting the objectives of the Paris Agreement hosted by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and Université Saint-Louis Université Saint Louis, Brussels; Topics:

  • Scientific aspects of the 1.5°C temperature rise limit enshrined in the Paris Agreement: Why is it necessary to limit warming to 1.5°C? What will it take to stay below this threshold? Testimonies about the already existing impacts of climate change in different geographies
  • Some examples of climate litigation actions, including the People’s Climate Case, a litigation action initiated by 10 families (including young children) from Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Kenya, Fiji, and the Saami Youth Association Sáminuorra
  • the EU’s response to climate change: given the urgency of the climate crisis and to fully implement the Paris Agreement, the EU needs to make significant further efforts to fight climate change, over and above the already taken commitments.

Fri 21st Sep 12:30 – 14:30, Luncheon talk hosted by National Centre for Development Cooperation, Belgium (CNCD-11.11.11) Quai du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels

Tue 25th Sep 18:00 – 20:00 Lecture and reception hosted by Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research, Institute of Latin American Studies School of Advanced Study, University of London in collaboration with the British Library, The Senate Room, First Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Learn more about the book and hear extracts from the survivors’ stories here.

Only a few days to go until Flood Expo opens its doors in Birmingham

Only a few days to go until Flood Expo opens its doors in Birmingham

Taking place at The NEC, Birmingham on the 12th and 13th September, The Flood Expo is right around the corner. Tickets are running low and we don’t want you to miss out on one of the biggest flood resilience, mitigation and rescue exhibitions to take place in the UK this year. It’s not too late to register your ticket!

With an unparalleled line up of 150 innovative exhibitors and 100 expert-led seminars hosted by the likes of Ina Lambert of the United Nations, Mary Dhonau, Simon Crowther, plus an unmissable panel session delivered by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, the agenda is second to none.

Take a look at the website for full information about speakers, demonstrations and the full list of exhibitors.

Register your free tickets now before they run out!

Cover photo by Prysm Group, used with permission.
Final stakeholder meeting of H2020 projects MARCO and EU-MACS

Final stakeholder meeting of H2020 projects MARCO and EU-MACS

Join the MARCO & EU-MACS consortia on 28 September for the last stakeholder meeting of the sister projects at the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt, 5 Ella-Trebe-Straße, 10557 Berlin, Germany.

The market of climate services currently remains in its infancy: current strategies face knowledge and visibility gaps, while the associated economic benefits to users are either unknown or uncertain.

The Horizon2020 projects MARCO and EU-MACS are particularly meant for analysing the current state of affairs regarding the uptake of climate services, assess the development prospects, and propose remedies so as to promote a significant larger utilization of the development and use potential of climate services.

The MARCO project focuses on the evaluation of current and future market size, as well as on the requirements and benefits of a market observatory on climate services. On the other hand the EU-MACS project focuses on obstacles, drivers, and opportunities affecting the uptake of climate services as well as the development and supply of climate services.

During this final stakeholder meeting for users and providers of climate services, attendants will learn all about the projects’ main findings and messages and can meet our experts, discover research results and learn about useful tools in person.

Click here to register.

Preliminary Agenda

09.00-09.10: Welcome from the project coordinators Adriaan Perrels, FMI, & Thanh-Tam Le, Climate-KIC

09.10-09.40: Highlights from MARCO & EU-MACS

09.40-10.00: Questions & Answers

10.00-11.10: How to position and profile your climate services products, Patrizia Pawelek, UnternehmerTUM

11.10-11.30: Coffee Break

11.30-12.40: Matching user needs and climate service offers (LGI)

12.40-13.30: Lunch (Buffet on site) + ‘exchange ideas / try the tools / challenge solutions’

13.30-14.30: Panel Discussion on how to enhance take-up and use of climate services and create a viable climate services market? Panelists: users, service providers, service developers, policy makers

14.30-14.45: Coffee Break

14.45-16.00: Shaping the future of the market for climate services – what are the critical success factors?

  • short presentations on selected topics
  • pitches from the participants
  • plenary discussion

16.00-16.15: Conclusions, Adriaan Perrels & Thanh-Tam Le

Cover photo by Mathias Arlund on Unsplash