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Learning is crucial to building resilience, as it allows people and organisations to improve their decision-making capacities and adapt to change and uncertainty. At Acclimatise, we believe that a comprehensive approach, supporting learning processes at the individual, organisational and inter-organisational levels, provides the best results to our clients. We offer learning events such as workshops, training courses and live webinars to empower people to guide themselves through their personal learning journey. We also provide continued coaching after learning events to reinforce capacity and encourage transformation. With our clients, we develop a transfer process through which individual learning becomes embedded in the organisation’s structure, memory and operations to increase capacity to take effective action to adapt to climate change. We build networks and exchange platforms for generating and sharing knowledge between organisations. Our learning services cover a broad set of topics including: integrating climate change into decision-making, accessing climate finance, supporting UNFCCC negotiation and communicating climate risk and resilience.

Working with us

Learning occurs when knowledge is absorbed and put into action. We tailor our learning services to help you understand what climate change means for you and to systematically develop skills to manage the risks and opportunities. We recognise that our technical expertise is only useful when matched with our clients’ in-depth knowledge of their daily operations and local context. Hence our learning services are built on the principles of collaboration, interaction and participation. We promote the efficient and effective use of knowledge, including creating, retaining, transferring, and sharing knowledge both within and between organisations. Our learning services have a larger purpose than imparting knowledge; they serve as a vehicle to connect people, learn from existing initiatives, facilitate collaboration and enhance shared understanding and decision-making. We believe that shared learning promotes best practice, drives innovation and enables efficient problem solving.

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Learning Services

Our work

Enhancing Readiness for Investment in Low Carbon and Climate Resilient in Swaziland, Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs

This project involves building the capacity and skills of national climate change project developers to equip them with the knowledge, skills and tools to access climate finance and submit a funding proposal. Acclimatise developed a climate finance readiness training course tailored to Swaziland, then conducted a Training of the Trainers to develop a pool of national trainers who can deliver training themselves and thereby contribute to the transfer of knowledge within their own organisations and beyond.

Kickstarting the NAP Process in Thailand, GIZ

Acclimatise was appointed by GIZ to support the initiation of the NAP process in Thailand through a series of training workshops. These included a tailor-made training event for the Thai government NAP focal point (ONEP), a NAP country-level training for government technical officers and a SNAP workshop (Stocktaking for National Adaptation Planning) to assess current and intended capacity for adaptation policy and planning. These training courses were tailored to the needs and capabilities of the key actors in Thailand’s NAP process.

Regional training on the Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation TooL (CCORAL), Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)

The CCCCC commissioned Acclimatise to develop a climate risk management decision support tool for decision-makers in the Caribbean called CCORAL. Acclimatise developed a hands-on training programme to disseminate CCORAL and trained 41 senior government staff from 15 CARIFORUM countries. The focus was how to apply the tool in participants’ own country’s decision-making processes. CCCCC has since used the training package to train key stakeholders in 15 countries, with several hundred now trained.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation on Southwestern Department of Defense Facilities, USA, Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

Acclimatise, in partnership with the University of Arizona, worked on a project to support the DoD to integrate climate risk into their operational planning, asset management and strategic objectives. The DoD has a major presence in the southwestern United States, a region where the effects of climate variability and change will be extreme. The objective of this project was to engage DoD managers through interviews, workshops, and case-study pilots across a diverse range of DoD operations and develop robust approaches to climate change risk assessment, mitigation, and adaptation, all of which are supported by a set of climate adaptation tools that can be used across DoD operations.