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Climate change is a threat to human civilisation and the ecosystems on which it depends. Acclimatise believes that we all must do more to prepare for a climate that is very different from that of today.

Acclimatise is a team of passionate people working to make a difference out of a deep sense of responsibility to help manage the climate crisis.

Our vision

A world that is ready for a new climate reality.

Our mission

Acclimatise’s mission is to make the world more resilient to climate change.

We do this by making climate change information useful for our clients, helping them to make the very best decisions in the face of uncertainty. Working with corporates, financial institutions and governments around the world, Acclimatise is committed to achieving the greatest impact in driving action on climate change adaptation.

Acclimatise is focussed on delivering quality and value for its clients. We strive constantly to be the best at what we do.

Our values

Our values underpin our work, they drive everything we do and ensure that we never lose sight of the things that matter. These ten value statements shape the way we think and behave:

  1. We have respect for people, cultures, beliefs, and the planet. Through respect we learn, understand and grow.
  2. We work with integrity and fairness.
  3. We are committed to and passionate about driving action on climate resilience.
  4. We take pride in providing high-quality work and advice.
  5. We are curious and perceptive and strive to break new ground.
  6. We are open to new ideas and willing to be changed by them.
  7. We are entrepreneurial and innovative. We never stand still.
  8. We value diversity which helps look at problems in new ways.
  9. We are forward-looking and invest in the long-term careers of our staff.
  10. We are understanding of personal situations and are flexible in our working arrangements.

Our history

Acclimatise Group Ltd. was formed in November 2004 by John Firth and Dr Richenda Connell. At that time, and despite the science of climate change being well advanced, corporates and governments were taking relatively little action to prepare for the inevitable consequences of climate change. John had decades of experience working in the UK water sector, and was pioneering the sectors’ work recognising climate risk and building resilience. At the same time, Richenda was leading the UK Climate Impacts Programme, developing best-practice frameworks for adapting to climate change and its impacts. Recognising the need for a step change in the way the world was responding to the climate challenge, John and Richenda formed Acclimatise. Their vision was a world that is ready for a new climate reality – this vision remains at the heart of Acclimatise’s work to this day.

Since then, Acclimatise has developed its services and operates two distinct divisions: Advisory and Analytics. Advisory is the home of Acclimatise’s technical climate risk and adaptation expertise. For over fifteen years, the company has provided world-leading advisory services, helping corporates, investors and governments integrate climate change risk into their business processes and build their resilience. In that time, Acclimatise has completed over three hundred and fifty projects; this unrivalled experience underpins all of the company’s products and services, and provides it with a deep understanding of the changing risk landscape for its clients.

The company’s Analytics division draws on its technical expertise and packages it into cloud-based, user-friendly applications that enable clients to integrate climate change risk analysis into their organisations.

Acclimatise is a trusted advisor for many organisations across a wide range of sectors including government, finance, insurance, water, energy, transport, mining, agriculture, defence, food and beverages, and international development. We have successfully worked in over eighty countries for over one hundred and eighty public, private and non-governmental organisations.

Acclimatise’s staff hold M.Sc and Ph.Ds in a wide variety of subjects including  climate and atmospheric science, environmental management, civil engineering, land-use management, water resources, climate finance, economics, conservation biology, GIS and computing, international law and development, journalism, and media and communications. The team collaborates across three continents with new offices in India, France, and the US.

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