Meet the Acclimatise Team ft. Anu Jogesh

Meet the Acclimatise Team ft. Anu Jogesh

What is your role at Acclimatise? What does a typical workday look life for you?

I am the Policy and Governance lead at Acclimatise and I also coordinate our South Asia and South East Asia projects. These days a little noticeboard hangs outside my home office, “On a call. Do not disturb!” This is for my 8-year-old who likes to pop in whenever he feels like!

Obviously work has changed because of the pandemic. I work from home like many others. My work typically includes research, writing, and virtual calls on ongoing technical assistance projects, as well as managing some of these projects. We’re also designing and conducting our first virtual training.

Fortunately, my 8-year-old has learnt to make my chai every morning and he brings it up in pot on a tray, which is a fantastic way to kick off the workday.What inspired you to work on climate issues?

What inspired you to work on climate issues?

My journey towards climate research and engagement has been a meandering  one! As a business journalist in the 2000s, I was keen to report on environmental issues. When I moved from a business to a general-news channel, there was an established correspondent focussing on ‘green issues’ such as forestry, water security, biodiversity, so I naturally gravitated towards reporting on ‘brown issues’ – energy, air quality, and climate change. I’ve since gone down the proverbial rabbit hole, from a climate reporter, to an academic researcher, to a full-time climate change practitioner, and I don’t regret the decision!

What is your favourite location you’ve ever travelled to and why?

My favourite location would have to be Ladakh in India. It is a high altitude trans-Himalayan desert. The scenery is otherworldly. As you climb higher, mountains take on eerie colours (because of mineral deposits) and the ground feels like a lunar landscape. I walked kilometres around a glacial lake looking for a rare species of crane, disappearing because of climate change. It was a perilous journey (some folks in our team suffered altitude sickness and had to descend) but breath-taking all the same.

What skill would you like to master?

Patience and time-management!

Tell us about a personal project/cause that you are working on outside of your day-to-day job right now.

I’m currently working with a team of climate specialists, reporters and communicators on setting up a climate school for journalists in the region.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Write, publish more! And a toss-up between playing indoor cricket or baking with my son.

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