Meet the Acclimatise Team ft. Jennifer Steeves

Meet the Acclimatise Team ft. Jennifer Steeves

1)What is your role at Acclimatise? What does a typical ‘workday’ look like for you?

I’m a Senior Advisor based in Acclimatise’s South Asia office in Delhi NCR, India. I fully agree with Richard’s depiction of a ‘typical’ work day at Acclimatise and I can’t really describe one. But overall, days generally involve: coffee, project management activities, technical contribution to advisory projects (research/analysis/review), developing new opportunities to build climate resilience in South Asia, in close coordination with my colleagues Anu and Uma. In terms of areas of focus, my current project pipeline involves: a training course on climate risk management/loss and damage, climate change awareness raising for smallholder farmers in Madagascar, understanding climate risk awareness of the Indian financial sector and mainstreaming climate resilience with a focus on infrastructure in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.  

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

British Columbia, the south of France and Goa, India – I’d split my time depending on when the weather’s best.

3) What inspired you to work on climate issues?

It began as a passion for environmental protection – I grew up surrounded by mountains, trees and lakes which I took for granted until I left my home province of BC to go to college. I was pursuing a business degree when I realised that my programme didn’t really ‘care about’ the environment, which to me seemed fundamental. I then decided I wanted to work on environmental issues and several years later did a masters’ in environmental policy. That was the first time I really learned about climate change and its far-reaching impacts not just on the environment but on all things we care about. Understanding the impact on human lives is what made it very real and made me want to work on adaptation.

4) What book are you currently reading?

I’m re-reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

4) What’s your favourite family tradition?

Cross-country skiing on Christmas day

6) Have you made any changes to your lifestyle/energy consumption due to your views on climate change?

I try to do small things like composting, recycling, not using plastic, buying second-hand, taking public transport when I can. The thing I feel most guilty about but can’t stop is international air travel.

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