Meet the Acclimatise team ft. Dr Richard Bater

Meet the Acclimatise team ft. Dr Richard Bater

1)What is your role at Acclimatise? What does/will your typical ‘work day’ look like?

My role is Climate Risk Analyst, analysing and interpreting environmental information for various public and private clients. However, I also work on analytics tools development, a range of research projects, and I contribute to evolving our advisory services to legal practitioners. A typical ‘work day’ looks like this:

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash.

2) What is your favourite location you’ve ever travelled to and why?

Palmyra, Syria. At the time, the immersiveness, rawness, and tranquillity of the ancient desert city was as earie and solemn as it was sublime.

3) What inspired you to work on climate issues?

Climate subsists in and modifies everything from the biochemistry of phytoplankton to the nuanced wording of M&A contracts, where the taken-for-granted vitality of the former can now insist on being a matter to be directly addressed by the latter.

They’re unavoidable, transversal, and important.

4) What book are you currently reading?

I am reading Hadji Murat, a short story by Leo Tolstoy. Set in the Caucasus mountains, it is the account – part-based on the author’s time in military service – of an Avar commander that forms an allegiance with the Russian military in order to gain the upper hand in a feud with his former leader.

5) If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


6) In your opinion, what would be one of the most effective ways to accelerate progress against climate change?

Tread lightly, regulate soundly, respect reality, price nature correctly. Multiply everywhere refuges for other modes of living and for recuperation.

Visit Richard’s team page here.

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