New CCC report highlights progress necessary to prepare for climate change

New CCC report highlights progress necessary to prepare for climate change

by Georgina Wade

The Committee on Climate Change’s 2019 Report to Parliament titled ‘Progress in preparing for climate change’ sets out their assessment of climate change preparations made in England and provides a first evaluation of the Government’s second National Adaptation Programme (NAP).

Declaring that the government has failed to increase adaptation policy ambition and implementation despite the increasing urgency of addressing the risks from climate change, the report finds that England is not prepared for even a 2°C rise in global temperature, let alone more extreme levels of warming.

For this report, the Committee introduced a new scoring system to give a simpler assessment of progress. The results showed that some sectors, including strategic roads, public water supply, and rail have good plans in place that consider the long-term risks and opportunities from climate change, whereas much still needs to be done to improve the health, business and agricultural sectors. Of the 56 risks and opportunities identified in the UK’s Climate Change Risk Assessment, 21 have no formal actions in the NA. Because of this, the CCC deems that they have “been unable to give high scores for managing risk to any of the sectors assessed”.

Additionally, the Committee addressed the preparation of the next UK Climate Risk Assessment (CCRA), due in 2022, and identified some specific recommendations for how this important programme of work can be improved. Highlighting that the need for action has never been clearer, the CCC’s message to the government is simple: Now, do it.

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Cover photo by Dominik Lange on Unsplash.

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