Video: How (not) to talk about climate change

Video: How (not) to talk about climate change

By Elisa Jiménez Alonso

Just ahead of the weekend, we want to share a short and fun video that shows how you can improve the way you talk about climate change with others.

The video was created by YouTuber ClimateAdam together with Climate Outreach for Green Great Britain Week. It provides three very simple suggestions to get people talking and thinking about climate change:

  1. Talk about things they care about and engage with their concerns. To start a conversation, you are better off talking about things that directly affect them.
  2. Closely connected to that: Listen to people. And don’t overwhelm them with lots of facts. Unless you work on climate change, it is hard to make the connection between what sounds like a tiny temperature increase – 2 degrees Celsius – and catastrophic climate impacts.
  3. Help them consider how they can align personal choices with their convictions. There are many small lifestyle choices people can make, which in sum could have a positive impact.

Check out the video:

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