2018 UK summer is joint hottest summer on record

2018 UK summer is joint hottest summer on record

By Elisa Jiménez Alonso

The Met Office has confirmed that they are declaring 2018’s summer as the joint hottest on record together with 2006, 2003, and 1976.

At roughly 0.03 of a degree, the margin between the mean temperatures, all quoted as 15.8 degrees Celsius, of the four record breaking summers is so small that it is impossible to separate them. The reason for this is that the Met Office only quotes “statistics to the nearest 0.1C as differences smaller than this could result from small numerical differences arising from the statistical calculations.”

Provisional early statistics show that this was likely the warmest summer on record for England with a mean temperature of 17.2 C, beating the 17.0 C only marginally. However, this year’s temperatures will not break the records for Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland.

In terms of rainfall, 2018’s summer was notably dry and will likely be one of the UK’s top 15 driest summers and top 5 for England. Additionally, it is also one of the top 5 sunniest UK summers.

The above-average warm and dry trend is set to continue well into September.

Cover photo by PhilipBarrington/Pixabay (public domain): Brighton Pier Beach.

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