The Collider Announces Conference On Climate Risks and Opportunities for the Food and Beverage Industry

The Collider Announces Conference On Climate Risks and Opportunities for the Food and Beverage Industry

The Collider, an innovation ecosystem for climate entrepreneurship, announced the launch of [Food + Beverage] Collider, an industry conference that convenes business leaders, data-driven entrepreneurs, and climate scientists to explore climate risks, opportunities and solutions across the business value chain. The conference will be held October 23, 2018, at The Collider in Asheville, NC. There will also be a climate data hackathon for global coffee supply on 21 October and culinary field trips on 22 October.

The food and beverage industry is uniquely susceptible to the impacts of a changing climate. Meeting the business challenge to understand the risks, adapt internal strategies, and build resilient operations across the company value chain can increase market competitiveness. Knowing what to do is increasingly about harnessing the best data – climate, environmental, and socioeconomic – to inform solutions.

Research conducted by Collider member Acclimatise reported that, “Successful businesses know how to manage supply chain risk. But an increasing number of extreme weather disasters and a changing climate heighten uncertainty and threaten old ways of doing business. Although many companies seem to be aware of the risks that climate impacts can pose on their operations, there is still a gap between understanding the materials risks posed by climate change and the strategic planning and actions required to reduce potential impact.”

The [Food + Beverage] Collider aims to help close the gap by showcasing how leading food and beverage companies identify and address climate risk, and helping attendees forecast their resilience game plans.

Collider CEO Josh Dorfman added, “This is a new kind of climate conference. It’s about addressing business risk posed by climate change and identifying opportunities to build operational resilience that can minimize disruption and enhance market competitiveness. We take the position that the climate is already changing, so the time for businesses to address their risk and take action is now.”

Topics include:

  • The future of the food and beverage industry in a changing climate
  • Using climate data to identify climate risk across the food and beverage value chain
  • The competitive advantage of becoming climate resilient
  • External drivers of climate resilient value chains
  • Building climate resilient, climate-smart agriculture
  • Solution snapshot: climate entrepreneurs showcase emerging adaptation and resilience solutions

For more information and to register for the conference visit:

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About The Collider: Headquartered in “Climate City” — Asheville, North Carolina, USA — The Collider is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that exists to bring together diverse expertise and stimulate a new industry: climate products and services. Acclimatise is an inaugural member of The Collider. More information about The Collider is available at Follow The Collider on Facebook (@TheCollider.Asheville), Twitter (@TheColliderAVL), Instagram (@TheCollider.AVL), and LinkedIn (@TheCollider).

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